An Age-Old Difficulty: Society Neglects To Really Embrace Its Seniors

An Age-Old Difficulty: Society Neglects To Really Embrace Its Seniors
Close up on very old woman hands using walker for disability

Cockroaches from the kitchen, kerosene from the tub, malnutrition and abuse – these would be the aged-care stories which frequently make headlines. However, there’s something quite wrong here and it isn’t about more employees and more cash. Such activities are finally bandaids.

What we’ve got is a social issue. Sure, there’ll be some center boards, supervisors, families and staff doing the wrong thing, however when we are to really address the problems in elderly individuals care, we will need to move beyond shame and blame of facilities and individuals.

We must care as much about elderly folks because we do about younger individuals if we’re to see real and continuing improvement.

Never have I heard kids called bed replacements. I have not seen tin rattlers in the lights amassing for elderly folks.

The vested interests in Western culture make a lot of money out of their achievement in educating us to worship childhood: anti-ageing lotions, hair dyes and operation are simply a few examples.

Social Duty

It’s far past time that we took societal obligation for recognising that individuals of any era are individuals. They might have pimples, wrinkles, and smelly nappies, HIV AIDS, dementia, no thighs or become Siamese twins.

The most important thing is that hardly any men and women meet the poster-person picture of ordinary and only for an extremely brief moment.

Until we perish, we shall be older and as a society that’s a victory: life expectancy was 47 years old maybe not so long past. Now, tens of thousands reach 100. Of those who hit 85, many are going to suffer from dementia.

Presently, we’re conflicted: we utilize every contemporary technological wizardry, irrespective of price, to demonstrate how smart we are in saving lives; we complain that our successes are a burden on society.

We whine about the men and women who attempt to care with inadequate leadership and education. We blame everybody but ourselves.

Until you and I recognise the worth of elderly folks, and treat elderly people and individuals with dementia a matter of high significance beyond elections, then we’re hypocrites to be more horrified by what happens in nursing homes.

If old age is really dreadful, then let’s select an age and it is fine to expire and stop all of the healthcare interventions. In cases like this, we’d require a significant effort to teach individuals that dying is right.

Depending upon your beliefs, you’d learn that you merely become ashes or which you simply pass through the pearly gates and, after a suitable period of mourning, everybody will get on with their lives.

On the flip side, if we opt to throw funds in cure/survival, and when we actually care about how individuals are treated in elderly care, then we have to reevaluate our perspective of older age.

We have to view it as a victory of enormous proportions and value elderly individuals as expressions of the achievement.

This shift in mindset also needs the courage to confront our own aging and also a commitment to eliminating the taboo, as a society, about death, dying and the actual significance of life.

Ageing Campaings

Surely, the current election effort failed to tackle the growing demands and impact of the aging tsunami. Tony Abbott’s proposal he will unlink funding in the workforce streamlined is much more worrying.

Increased salary for elderly care workers have a part to play in valuing elderly people. And there has to be a carrot/stick strategy to make sure there is quality employees of all amounts, such as GPs, providing this type of maintenance.

We don’t need them back. Nevertheless, the monetary reward is simply a variable in staff retention and recruiting. And elderly care ratios don’t address any issues.

What obsolete care needs is vision, leadership, personnel development and conclusions driven by the objectives and demands of elderly individuals and their carers. And finally, it wants a societal system which cares about elderly folks than shifting blame and pointing in the proverbial other.